Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 12th, 2013

It's been years since I have posted to this blog.  Not quite sure what has inspired me to return to it tonight.  Today I spent some time in the yard and I always find myself reflective about life when I'm digging around in the dirt pulling out weeds.

This blog has previously served the purpose as an update of our family's lives. Maybe I will continue with updates, maybe not.

Life seems to be speeding by so fast.  It seems impossible that Nathan will be graduating in a few months from high school.  In less than six months, he will have moved on to college and we will have just our Hannah and Logan left at home.  How can that be?  Where has the time gone?  I feel like the past few years have been a blur with all the chaos we have experienced through cancer.  I still have not finished healing from the cancer experience.  I feel bruised inside.  The physical and emotional scars from cancer still linger.  The hospitalization last August, followed by multiple scans and paralyzing fear in December took a toll on me and my family.  It shook me to the core.  The following months were awful.  My family was beaten down and I didn't have the energy to help them.  January and February 2013 were some of the most difficult months I have ever had.  It was dark, very lonely and overwhelming.  March has felt much brighter for us and I hope that it will continue to get better.