Friday, August 29, 2008

100 things

I have seen this "exercise" on a couple of my friends blogs, with the challenge to try it. I had big doubts that I could think of 100 things, but I did. It has been a long time since I really thought about things like this. It's kinda fun! You should try it, too!

1. I love sunflowers and gerbera daisies.
2. When I was seven, I would draw the inside of the chapel during sacrament meeting.
3. I always knew I wanted to be an artist.
4. I have a fear of edges/ledges.
5. I have dreams about falling off ledges.
6. I fear my kids falling off of ledges.
7. I even fear driving on high over-passes.
8. When I was in 5th grade, I wanted to be a photo-journalist.
9. In high school, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World.
10. I was a nanny for three different families.
11. My favorite place to live is in Cambridge, MA.
12. I'm a certified scuba diver.
13. I think I was emotionally scarred for life after attending my 10 yr. H.S. reunion.
14. I played the clarinet in high school.
15. I was embarrassed to play in the band, so I would hide from my teacher during games.
16. I hated the marching band so much that I became a flag twirler. My only way out. I sucked.
17. I won the Z.C.M.I. table setting contest in high school.
18. I have a pet peeve for drivers that don't signal and that go super slow because of the cell phone
19. I LOVE the sound of babies belly laughing.
20. I have enough scrapbooking supplies to open up my own store.
21. I never seem to have enough time to scrapbook.
22. When I do, it takes me two hours to finish a page because I'm such a dang perfectionist.
23. I have two HUGE rubber-maid bins of beanie babies. All new with tags.
24. Someday, I'm going to be rich from selling my rare beanie babies! : ) lol.
25. I love to spend hours in Barnes and Noble. With hot chocolate.
26. I've been to Europe, Jamaica and Montreal. Loved it all.
27. I had a dream that I was going to Texas on my mission.
28. I went to Houston on my mission.
29. I would hide in my closet when it was time for piano lessons.
30. I loved cats when I was growing up. I even had cat bedding & curtains. I don't like cats now.
31. I love Josh Groban. I subscribed to his fan club. I have been to a concert. Die-hard Grobanite.
32. I have been to a Boy George concert.
33. Alan and I went to a MC Hammer concert when we were first married. Too Legit, man.
34. I sprained my ankle jumping from a two story balcony onto a trampoline.
35. I did this to show Alan how he should do it.
36. It's my dream to learn how to play the harp.
37. I can't remember a time in my life that I haven't wanted to lose weight.
38. My favorite calling in church was Primary President.
39. Everyone knows the hardest calling I've ever had.
40. I love being a mom.
41. I love my family.
42. I think I'm going to drive a convertable PT cruiser when all the kids are on their own.
43. I wish I wasn't so sensitive.
44. If I were to ever have anything "done" to my body, it would be to laser my veiny legs.
45. I love to teach art to kids.
46. I always had a dream of running a marathon.
47. I love chocolate in any form. It's a problem.
48. I met Alan in the library at BYU.
49. I asked him to marry me.
50. He made it official on my birthday.
51. We were married exactly 5 months after we met.
52. Logan was born on the day we met...March 24th.
53. I don't like most odd numbers. Especially any number with nine and three in it.
54. I like the numbers 5, 8 and now 7 because of Sarah.
55. I really love photography and I wish I knew/understood more of it.
56. I want to learn how to use Adobe photoshop...I first need to figure out a way to buy it!
57. I went to Harvard. I think people have a hard time believing that. I didn't graduate from there.
58. I took a bus into NYC by myself when I was 19 so I could see the Thanksgiving day parade.
59. I took a bus across the country when I was 12 to spend the summer with my friend in DC.
60. I 'm pretty sure I have spilled food on myself nearly every single meal of my life.
61. I have been engaged three times.
62. I don't think I will ever get over the pain of losing Sarah.
63. I wish I could have a reading from John Edwards.
64. I got my first kiss from Doug Murdock.
65. He's a Dr. now.
66. I know that because I had to take my ds into the emergency room, and he was his Dr.
67. He didn't recognize me. I had no make-up on. 50 lbs. heavier. I was wearing sweats.
68. I stupidly pointed out to him who I was. Brilliant move. His reaction was...well, depressing.
69. I have a recurring dream that my teeth are falling out. It's awful.
70. I think the worse chore is cleaning the fridge. Second would be matching socks.
71. My money never matches my taste.
72. I would pick getting sleep over food every time.
73. I want to go to Tuscany someday, eat good food and paint in the fields.
74. I want to go to Hawaii with our family.
75. I want to own property in the mountains/beach and have rockin' family reunions there.
76. My favorite cartoon strip is "Baby Blues"
77. On my mission, I used to pretend my wallet was a cell phone and drive around like that. Dork.
78. An ideal day would be 72 outside, eat out at an outdoor cafe and go gallery hopping in Carmel.
79. I'm not a morning person...I'm not a night person either. I think I peak at noon.
80. Sometimes, I wish I didn't care so much.
81. I get overwhelmed easily with all the changing and improving that I need to do.
82. I want to make a difference in this world, but I don't know what or how that will happen.
83. I over-analyze things to death.
84. I think marrying Alan was the best thing I have ever done. Period.
85. If I could have dinner with anyone that was living now, it would be Barack Obama.
86. Just kidding. It would be President Monson and Mitt Romney.
87. I want to be on Oprah someday and talk about the issues surrounding stillbirth.
88. I am happiest when all my kids are home safe, sound and happy.
89. My favorite hymn is "I Believe in Christ".
90. I can easily hyper-venilate in scrapbooking stores.
91. I love the style of Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen.
92. I feel very grateful in my life.
93. I always feared we would not have enough food storage when I was growing up.
94. So, I would sneak food down to our basement to make up our families food storage.
95. My ears ring 24/7. I have about 3-4 different sounds going on at the same time.
96. My first real job was at JC Penney's, taking pictures of kids.
97. My shortest-lived job was as a waitress. I lasted one night. Never again.
98. I used to work as a janitor before school started in high school.
99. One of my funnest jobs was as an art TA at BYU.
100. I love to bake, cook and sew... esp. when there is no pressure on my time and I'm by myself

There you go! If you made it through, I'm amazed! Please try it! I would love to read more about you!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So sweet

Logan looking at Hannah. I love this photo. Out of all the kids, I think that Logan most resembles Hannah. Hannah is such a great helper with Logan. She is always right there to help with his baths, retrieve diapers and pick out outfits. She will even make up his bottles. Hannah loves holding Logan and kissing his head. I think she will be a great mommy someday.

Ya, we're tired

I'm glad I got this shot. It pretty much describes our lives these past 5 months. We have fallen asleep in this recliner more times than I can possibly count. Of course, it's all worth it.

First day of school...August 25th, 2008

Here the kids the traditional porch photo for the first day of school. It's hard to believe we are starting another school year! Bethany is a Junior in H.S., Nathan started 8th grade and Hannah started 4th. They are growing up so fast.

"Want to come and join me in my ducky jacuzzi?"

Don't you just want to blow raspberries on that tummy and love on his cheeks and neck??? We all can't get enough of this kid. Our little Chunka Munka Baby.

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Braces for Nate!

We just got home from getting Nate's braces put on. He was so excited about this and doesn't seem to feel self-concious about it all. In fact, when he was asked what color of bands he wanted, he said pink and black. Huh? He told me he wanted to be different. Okay Dude! I think he looks great in them. He was given a big list of foods that he wouldn't be able to eat...I was pretty surprised at things like pickles and chips. Two years of lots of ortho appts. coming our way!
Actually, the thing he is most embarrassed about is the fact that I'm blogging about this. : )

Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Sunshine

Right before we left for church yesterday, Bethany came in and picked up Logan and said, "Are you our little sunshine?" That just made me smile, because that is exactly what Logan has been for our family...a bright, beautiful ray of sunshine. Bethany then reminded me of when she used to watch Teletubbies when she was little. She said that my favorite part of the show was when the "Baby sun" would rise and fall. I had totally forgotten about that, but it's true...I did love that part, and when I see Logan now I can't help but think of our little "Baby sun".

It's all about Logan...and we are all okay with that!!

Shanyn brought over the jumperoo for Logan the other day and Logan sure loves it! Every time we put him in it, he gets so excited and starts jumping and giggling. He lasts only 15 minutes or so...just enough time to make it to the bathroom and eat a sandwich.

My first and my last...

I have one baby that will be going off to college in less than two years, and another baby that probably won't be potty-trained in two years. We never planned it this way, but I'm so glad that it worked out like this. We feel blessed beyond measure.